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Fall ball registration open until Aug. 21

Important Points for the Fall League
  • $30 per team fee to play and registration will be through the SC website

  • Registration deadline will be August 21
  • All rules from the summer league will still be in place, we will not be asking to check rosters but hope that everyone will be honest as this is still a community-based fall league.
  • As this is community-based - no club travel teams - however if 2 communities need to combine to have enough players that will be allowed (for fall only)
  • Communities must provide us proof of insurance for teams to play (either copies of USA softball cards or community program insurance) - we want to make sure all of the girls are covered and safe.
  • We will NOT be keeping scores for games or standings.

Game Schedule:
  • Games will be doubleheaders on Sunday - U16/18 in the morning from 9-noon and U10-U14 in the afternoon starting at 1 p.m.
  • Games start Sunday, September 8th and run through Sunday, October 13th.
  • Drop dead time limit on the games - to be determined.
  • 1 plate umpire required.  
  • Each team will pay the umpire for a game - so home pays one game and away pays the other - must be paid day of to the umpire at $50 per game - no exceptions.
  • SC will put together a schedule based on weekends teams and host sites are available.  Any changes thereafter will need to be made by the coaches directly with other team.  
  • Consideration to minimize travel distance will be given, but can't be guaranteed.  
  • If you have a team that wants to play, but don't have a home field to play on you will be able to indicate that when registering and we will work with you to ensure you have a place to play.
  • If there are certain weeks your team is not available to play (i.e. homecoming weekend for HS teams) you will have the opportunity to indicate those weekends when registering.

About us

The South Central Girls Softball League was established in 1998. The purpose of our league is to promote competitive softball in support of local high school programs, therefore Teams are made up of players from the same school district. We will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis if the player has no other SCGCSL or other traveling team opportunities. Those decisions are made each year by our Board of Directors.

The South Central Girls Softball League provides a structured league for teams to play in, but we are not involved in the formation of teams themselves other than the registration of the teams in the league, outlining the rules each team will play by, and recording schedules (as determined by the coaches) & standings on the website. Anyone interested in playing in the league should contact the coordinators in their local communities for that information.

We sponsor four age groups: U10, U12, U14 and High School (U16/U18). The teams in our softball league are registered as Class B (community based) by the Amateur Softball Association (ASA). League fees include your ASA registration, insurance for each player & coach and one dozen game balls.

New teams are always welcome! If you are interested in joining our league we encourage you to contact us with your questions

2019 USA Softball Roster Form

Below is the link to the 2019 USA Softball Roster form.  Each team registered to play with SCGSL must have one of these roster forms filled out.  The forms must be turned in at Scheduling Night on Wednesday, April 24th.  

Please remember you must provide proof of player eligibility to play with your community if they have an address that is not clearly in your school district.  Example:  Middleton School District with a Verona address or Sauk Prairie School District with a Lodi or Dane address.

The fee for 2019 is $295 and that covers 15 players and coaches.  For every player and coach over and above the initial 15 player/coaches, it is an additional $14 fee.  The $30 deposit you paid per team during online registration will be deducted from this amount.  All checks need to be made payable to South Central Girls Softball League.

**Any changes after scheduling night to your roster will incur a $20 per player late fee and $14 player fee, if applicable. 

**If you require more spaces than provided on the form, please print a second copy and staple them together.

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